Urinary pharmacological drug test

SANIST platform could detect drugs and their metabolites in urine.

Thanks to the SANIST drug test app and to the provided  drugs database, the presence of drugs or their metabolites became rapid and easy .The detection is done in both modality target (research of known drugs) and untarget (research of unknown drugs and their metabolites) modes.

To ensure results quality the drugs identification is done in conformity with the EU directive  (EU directive 2002/657/EC) that are fully implemented in the SANIST data elaboration platform (Cristoni S, et al. J Mass Spectrom. 2017). In particular, the database for compounds identification is structured following the EU directive related to the similarity among the spectra contained in the mass spectra database and the candidate mass spectra. The relative abundance of each ion must be similar to that contained in the database with the tollerance specified by the EU law (EU directive 2002/657/EC; see Page 10).