SANIST drugs kit

Kits for the analysis of drugs of abuse for use in combination with SANIST system. The kit is standardized to obtain a high sensitivity in combination with analytical specificity and linearity for the quantitative determination of the various targets. The kit allows to discriminate on various subtypes and identify metabolites of drugs of abuse. The kit is supplied in combination with the SANIST Library Search APP application for recognition of drugs of abuse on the basis of the European regulatory.

The kits are standardized for most popular tools on the market.

Pack of 200 tests.

Chromatographic, Columns Calibrators and controls are to be purchased separately

Code Description
ISB_P_5  Addicted drugs analysis
ISB_P_5.1 KIT DRUGS (x 200 analysis)


SANIST oxidative stress kit

The kit is used for urine sample preparation to be analyzed to verify the body oxidative stress status.

Code Description
ISB_P_10 Oxidative Stress
ISB_P_10.1 KIT OS (x 100 analysis)


SANIST hemoglobin kit

The kit is used for hemoglobin extraction and digestion from blood. The obtained mixture is used for detecting the a modification.

Code Description
ISB_P_3.6 SANIST Hemoglobin Kit (x 10 test)