Thanks to 10 years of know how in the field of mass spectrometry and to two  proprietary technologies (SACI; Cristoni S. et al. Patent no. 7,368,728;  SACI-ESI Cristoni S. Patent no. 8,232,520) ISB has developed the innovative SANIST platform useful for performing untarget and target molecular analysis.

This new platform consists of:

a)  SANIST kit useful for the preparation and analysis of the sample and manufactured by ISB. The kit are so composed:

  • Sample treatments solutions to be used for analyte extractions.
  • Liquid Chromatographic Mobile Phases.
  • LC-MS analytical methods.
  • LC column and standard should be bought by the costumers.

b)  SANIST LC-MS technology for high resolution and mass accuracy. The instruments are provided with the high innovative proprietary ionization source named SACI/ESI (Cristoni S. et al. Patent no. 7,368,728;Cristoni S. Patent no. 8,232,520) developed by ISB. This technology makes possible to reduce the chemical noise of the commercial mass spectrometers leading to better detection of the analytes signal.

c)  SANIST data system. The latter is constituted by a local or networking bioinformatics platform provided by ISB able to process acquired through the aid of the custom method provided in the panel and to produce the client-requested data processing. ISB in collaboration with Anthilla, has developed a server able to extract all the data stored in the analytical files directly in a table. An evoluted algorithm is able to extract the quali- quantitative data associated to the compounds of interest by means of proprietary databases. 


The SANIST platform is applicable to date in the following fields:

a)  Clinical Research industry of markers of diseases and their direct application in the diagnostic field.

b)  Food Services: Food Traceability. comparative studies to determine the quality of products based on their complex molecular composition. Looking for food counterfeiting.

c)  Nutraceutical Sector: Development of the nutritional value of a food supplement based on its molecular composition. counterfeited search (eg: addition of drugs).

d)  Pharmaceutical Industry: Drug Discovery and Research active biomolecules.

e)  Cosmetic industry: The molecular composition of cosmetic products can be carefull monitored  and correlated with the product quality.