Hemoglobin modifications diseases

SANIST kit detects hemoglobin modifications not detectable with the classical employed commercial kits that monitor only the most frequents ones.

SANIST kit with a database of more of 1500 mutated hemoglobins is able to characterize the mutation, even if rare, and the associated disease. This is an essetial steps in the case in witch the standard kits fails and cost inheffective genetical test are necessary in order to detect the mutation.

The analitical pipeline is quite simple.

SANIST kit is used for sample preparation and pretreatment. Sample are collected on dry spot. Hemoglobin is digested using modified trypsin as enzyme.

LC-MS MS/MS analysis is performed.

SANIST automatic data elaboration pipeline easily search on a database of 1500 hemoglobin variants providing the peptide sequence contaning the aminoacid mutation.