Bacterial toxins detection in urine

SANIST platform can easily detect urinary toxins produced by bacteria. This application is very important expecially to detect the precence of pathogen that can affect the helthy status. For instance, intestinal disbiosis can lead to the proliferation of pathogen species that can produce toxin that are absorbed in blood. They can bind different receptors leading to activate biological mechanisms that lead to diseases development (e.g. cell killing, autoimmune response).

SANIST platform can detect these toxins thanks to a proprietary database. This can provide an indication for the patient treatment (e.g. use of a specific antibiotic).

SANIST platform is structured as follow reported:

a) Urine sample preparation kit. A solution is used to dilute urine. The solution contains reagents to optimize the instrumental signal response.

b) LC-MS platform. The urine organic molecular profile of unhelthy and control subjects is achieved using high resolution and mass accurate mass spectrometer.

c) Toxin identification. Differentially expressed toxin signals present in the unhelthy subject but not in the controls are located using the SANISTextractionAPP algorithm. They are identified using a proprietary database on the basis of both accurate m/z measurement and MS/MS spectra.