Food quality control to prevent degenerative diseases

The food that we era strongly influenze the qualità of our life and the Health status. Many si stanca have been addestramento to food for prevent bacterial grown, component degradation etc. These substance are accepted by EU regulatory but body damages associated to them are also documented in letterature. Associated to these known added compounds other unknown contaminants originated by erroneous product manipulation can be present. For instance, bacteria and yeast could grown and contaminate the food with unknown molecular agents like toxins. A technology to detect the structure and the potential toxicity of these unknown agent can be an additional important parameter do check the food quality. Mass Spectrometry makes possible to achieve ti goal thanks to the ability to acquire thousand of data por analysis and to identify the associated compounds thanks to specific mass spectrum databases.

SANIST strategies to detect supplements contrafaction

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Supplements contrafaction is a serious social problems. This is mainly due to two factors:

a) the complexity in the detection of high number of contrafacting agents;

b) it is often difficult to identify all the molecules used as contraffacting agents due to the absence in the official database; For instance, the suplements for erectile disfunction can contains chemicaly modified Sildenalfil (Viagra) that are not presents in the databases used for compounds identification.

Concerning the point a) it is necessary to use a technology able to detect a wide number of molecules. SANIST technology employed in our lab is suitable for this purpouse. It is able to detect thouthand of signals associated to the analyzed food or products.

SANIST data elaboration tools is also used to solve the point b): the compounds are identified not on  the basis of both 1) a database identity and similarity database score. The detection of compounds by similarity with structure presents in the databases leads to increase the number of detectable compounds.

Prostate cancer prevention and stratification

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Prostate cancer has a strong diffusion among men expecially over 60 years old. Despide of this fact the diagnosis and the stages evaluation of the diseases is often difficult to estabilish without using invasive methods e.g: biopsy).

The development of a new test for early stage prostate cancer diagnosis and medium or advanced stage stratifications is one of the target of SANIST personalized medicine approach. Actually, we are validating a new kit, for prostate cancer prevention, in collaboration with Multimedica laboratory and other research centers. The details od the SANIST prostate cancer prevention methods have been published on the peer-reviewed journal “Frontiers in Endocrinology”. Click here to download the open access publication.

Prostate cancer diagnostic kit validation program

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ISB has developed a kit for early stage prostate cancer diagnosis in collaboration with Multimedica IRCCS institute. You can find the full paper, published on Frontiers in Endocrinology, here. The pilot study (31 controls, 20 patients with PCa and 20 subjects with benign prostate hyperplasia) has shown very interesting data (sensitivity 90% and specificity 84%). The product validation on a wider patient numeber will start very soon. Thus, we invite the clinical group you to collaborate with us, in a financed project, for product validation.


Contact us if you are interested.

A new test for prostate cancer diagnosis

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Prostate cancer is usually investigated by means of PSA. However, it is not usualy high specific and selective in early stage.

ISB toghether with Multimedica IRCCS reserch and clinical institute have published a test, based on mass spectrometry, for the prostate cancer dignosis. The test is based on relative ratio monitoring of a steroids pannel.

The test description has been published on the International scientific Journal named “Frontiers in Endocrinology” under Open Source licence. Download it here.

Mass spectrometry critical aspects in biomarker discovery

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Mass spectrometry is widely employed for biomarker discovery purposes. Despite of it intense application some problems should be considered to verify the data validity. The main critical aspect are:

  • Matrix effect evaluation; matrix effect is related to instrumental signal variation due to the presence of various matrix molecular species (e.g.: urinary and plasma high abundant molecules) that give rise to biomarker signal instability. To check the presence of matrix effect, it is possible to use specific algorithms and data acquisition procedure (e.g.: application of PROSAD method).
  • Data extraction; This step makes possible to extract the biomarker expression data, as a table, to be elaborated using dedicated statistical analysis (mainly ANOVA MANOVA). The criticism associated to this step is the high amount of data that must be processed. It is so necessary a high efficient server or the use of high throughput data extraction technology like CUDA (advanced graphical processor parallelization).
  • Data alignment; in this phase the different biomarker signals are aligned inter-sample so to compare the biomarker expressions. The alignment should be carefully checked. In fact, often a singular biomarker signal is erroneously attributed to two different one and this leads to artifact.

Food geographic origin and adulteration detection

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The quality of our life strongly depends by the quality of the food that we eat. The advent on the market of product coming from different geographic areas has introduced two problems:


1) The need to check the presence of toxic substance like pesticide and erbicide;

2) The problem to verify the food geographic origin and the product adulteration obtained by adding drugs or other dangerous active substances introduction.


Concerning the point 1) there are different laboratories that can analyze contaminants. However, very few centers can, actually, provide the service specified in the point 2. Proteomics and Metabolomics technologies can help in this sense. In fact, It is possible to analyze the complex molecular composition of food and correlate it with the geographic origin by means of the creation of specific food databases. As an exemple, we have published a paper, supported by the European Commission to detect the geographic origin of virgin olive oils. The geographic discrimination was achieved by monitoring the Food Volatile Organic Compouds (VOCs). We invite you to read it and give us a your opinion on the technology. The same technologies can also verify the potential presence of additive molecules that can induce pharmacological dangerous effect in the food. For instance, in some exporting products sildenafil is added so to incraese man virility and to attribute it to the food itself.

Metabolomics and proteomics can so become an opportunity to increase the consumer safety and security.

Mass Spectrometry and Personalized Medicine

Friday, April 13, 2018 – 16:00 UTC+1
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Personalized medicine is fundamental for disease prevention. Nowadays the number of subject affected by different degenerative diseases is increasing exponentially and the prevention is a crucial theme due to the strong social impact of the occured situation. Mass spectrometry platforms have been developed to connect metabolomics and proteomics analysis using systemic approaches to predict diseases and help the clinic to prevent the diseases through diet modulation and life stile changes.

The seminary shows the most promising mass spectrometric approaches to support the degenerative diseases prevention.

Mass Spectrometry Method Development

Monday, March 26, 2018 – 16:00 UTC+1
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Mass spectrometry is widely employed in different fields (e.g: food, clinical, pharmaceutical analysis). This fact is mainly due to the  high sensitivity and selectivity of this technology. Despide of the high analytical performance, specialized experts having the know how to develop stable quali-quantitative analytical method are needed. In fact, various parameeters (e.g: matrix effect, total run time) should be taken in account to obatin stable and reproducible data.

This webinar is focused on providing the basic standard operative procedure (SOP) to be used to develop high reliable quali-quantitative mass spectrometry analytical methods.