SANIST strategies to detect supplements contrafaction

Risultati immagini per supplement contrafaction

Supplements contrafaction is a serious social problems. This is mainly due to two factors:

a) the complexity in the detection of high number of contrafacting agents;

b) it is often difficult to identify all the molecules used as contraffacting agents due to the absence in the official database; For instance, the suplements for erectile disfunction can contains chemicaly modified Sildenalfil (Viagra) that are not presents in the databases used for compounds identification.

Concerning the point a) it is necessary to use a technology able to detect a wide number of molecules. SANIST technology employed in our lab is suitable for this purpouse. It is able to detect thouthand of signals associated to the analyzed food or products.

SANIST data elaboration tools is also used to solve the point b): the compounds are identified not onĀ  the basis of both 1) a database identity and similarity database score. The detection of compounds by similarity with structure presents in the databases leads to increase the number of detectable compounds.

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