Food geographic origin and adulteration detection

Risultati immagini per food adulteration


The quality of our life strongly depends by the quality of the food that we eat. The advent on the market of product coming from different geographic areas has introduced two problems:


1) The need to check the presence of toxic substance like pesticide and erbicide;

2) The problem to verify the food geographic origin and the product adulteration obtained by adding drugs or other dangerous active substances introduction.


Concerning the point 1) there are different laboratories that can analyze contaminants. However, very few centers can, actually, provide the service specified in the point 2. Proteomics and Metabolomics technologies can help in this sense. In fact, It is possible to analyze the complex molecular composition of food and correlate it with the geographic origin by means of the creation of specific food databases. As an exemple, we have published a paper, supported by the European Commission to detect the geographic origin of virgin olive oils. The geographic discrimination was achieved by monitoring the Food Volatile Organic Compouds (VOCs). We invite you to read it and give us a your opinion on the technology. The same technologies can also verify the potential presence of additive molecules that can induce pharmacological dangerous effect in the food. For instance, in some exporting products sildenafil is added so to incraese man virility and to attribute it to the food itself.

Metabolomics and proteomics can so become an opportunity to increase the consumer safety and security.

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