OMICS technology to solve industrial problems

When we speak of OMICS we refers to a a pool of preparative, analytical and bioinformatics approaches that make possible to analyze high complex molecular pathways and to compare them among different samples.

Summarizing OMICS approaches are able to:

1) simultaneously analyze hundred of compounds.

2) discover semi-qunantitative difference of the detected analyte profiles among different samples.

These proprieties together with specific bioinformatic and databases make possible to efficiently solve different industrial problems in the follow fields:

  • Pharmaceutcal.
  • Diagnostic test production check.
  • Food and nutraceutical quality analysis.
  • Cosmetics.

The benefits of OMICS approaches in solving industrial problems of difficult task and in the associated cost reduction became to be evident.

ISB has developed different services in this field. You can give a look to them here and under the service list of the home page. However, the application range is wide. Thus, we have decided to publish different post for each OMICS application.

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