Electronic cigarettes analysis based on EU regulatory

Law require to check the presence of toxic compounds produced during the vaporization. For instance Acrolein is produced at high temperature.  At this point an important question is: what analytical technique can we use for this purposes?

Many techniques collect the vapor on solid cardriges and analyze their composition. On one hand this method is applicable thanks to the presence of solid cardriges that retain various compounds. On the other, it is possible that compounds modification takes place on the solid phase in time. Thus, the molecular profile can be different from that originated by the electronic cigarette during the vaporization.

ISB has developed a SANIST application to directly analyze the vapour composition during their emission from the electronic cigarettes. The vapour are directed to the mass spectrometer in conditions that simulate the human breath and directly analyzed. EU database search rules are followed to identify the volatile compounds.

We just operate in collaboration with BlendFEEL producer that use the SANIST technology to test its liquid for electronic cigarettes. 

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