Consolidated proteomics data elaboration and database tools

The evolution of proteomics has been fast especially in the last two years. The main reason of this is related to the bioinformatics. Strong innovations has been observed starting from 2004 to nowadays. Basically, after the development of high evoluted algorithms  it is the time of database innovation. The combination of evoluted algorithms and databases open the way for the follow applications:

  • Clinical Research 
  • Food Traceability. 
  • Nutraceutical Sector. 
  • Pharmaceutical Industry. 
  • Cosmetic industry. 

Some software that make the difference in proteomics field are:

  • xTandem for optimized database search
  • OpenMS a programable platform for all kind of proteomics data elaborations
  • SANIST data analysis a simplified platform for protein quantitative and qualitative analysis based on the European standards.

All these tools are based on optimized join of high accurate algorithms and high quality databases.

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