Join metabolomics and proteomics for precision medicine

Proteomics and metabolomics are both important for precision medicine. In fact, metabolomics makes possible to detect metabolic disfunction and proteomics permits to connect them to enzymatic altered ways.

A good precision medicine strategy is:

  • Untarget or target search of altered metabolite in urine.
  • Bioinformatics studies to connect metabolite with enzymatic disfunction.
  • Target study of the involved enzyme in serum sample.

Urine and serum are suggested because they are the most analyzed matrices in clinical lab. Thus the clinical protocols are just ready to collect them.

The critical task is the bioinformatics step that should be adapted to the clinical laboratory routine. In this context analytical platforms that standardize and semplify data analysis are needed.

We strongly thinks that in the next 5 years many clinical centers will be provided with evoluted analytical platform that will strongly enhance the power of precision medicine.

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