Proteomics investigations in personalized medicine 

Proteomics is a consolidated science used in the research field. Even in the clinical fields its applications are growing. The clinical applications are mainly focalized on:

  1. Quantitation dosage of antibodies or other proteins of clinical interest;
  2. Determination of aminoacidic mutations and correlation with the diseases (e.g: determination of Hemoglobin modifications).

Concerning the point 1, dosages can be performed using different technologies (e.g.: ELISA, RIA, Mass Spectrometry). ELISA kits dominate the market thanks to the high throughput performance and the simple sample preparation procedure. Mass Spectrometry (MS) technolgy require high technical competence but the dosage methods development is easier with respect to the other approaches. MS provide, also, higher quantitation accuracy and precision.

MS is particularly suited for the point 2. Identification of the protein mutation can be obtained using certified database containing the protein sequences. One of the most used is Uniprot. This is a global protein database. The proteins are classified and scheduled on the bases of the taxonomy. More selective databases are present for specific clinical diagnosis.

MS platform equiped with sample preparation kits, mass spectrometric device and dedicated data elaboration system have been developed, in the recent years. The advent of these platforms will potentialy leads strongly increase MS clinical applications.


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