SANIST technology and Horizon 2020 SME instrument call

 SANIST technology developed by ISB is the ideal platform to run app for personalized medicine based on metabolomics and proteomics. Actually, four SANIST app have been developed:

  • Oxidative stress. This application makes possible to evaluate the oxidative stress so to prevent degenerative diseases.
  • Hemoglobin modification diseases. Using a database containing more then 1500 hemoglobin variants it is possible to detect them and reduce the cost associated with the genetics test.
  • Bacterial toxins detection in urines. Bacterial toxins are associated with different diseases. Searching them is essential for the diagnosis and therapy of pathologies associated to them. 
  • Urinary pharmacological drugs test. It is possible to detect the drugs and their metabolite in urine  through the use of an evoluted database based on drugs metabolism prediction.

The number of SANIST application that could be developed is potentially quite high. 

Horizon 2020 SME instrument call represents a good opportunity to activate new research and develop lines that leads to new useful SANIST apps. ISB are so looking for institutional research partners to develop new SANIST diagnostic apps. The SANIST app that ISB will develop are:

  • SANIST app for the diagnosis and thrapy of rare diseases.
  • SANIST app for early stage cancer diagnosis.
  • SANIST app for early stage cardiologica diseases prevention.
  • SANIST app for diabete prevention.

If your group is interested on these themes and to apply with our SME company to the HORIZON 2020 instrument call, write us using the contact form. We will be happy to organize a Skype conference and to discuss the potential collaboration.

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