Promising high throughput proteomics approach

Proteomics is grown rapidly in the previous years thanks to the advent of mass spectrometry techniques. The proteomics applications cover the clinical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and other industrial fields. Some application examples are:

1) Research of differentially expressed biomarkers for clinical use

2) Characterization of antibody used in chemiotherapy.

3) Evaluation of the food products protein specific composition to define benefical biological activity

4) The same analysis of the point 3) applied in cosmetic field.

The need to increase the analytical throughput is quite high mainly due to the market increasing request. MALDI-TOF-MS represent a good technology for this purposes. It can analyze more than one sample per minute. However, it lack is related to the poor quality in quantitative analysis. LC-MS represents an alternative that combine good qualitative and quantitative performances. However, in this case the throughput decrease due to the times of the chromatographic step.
We believe that Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometric technology represents a potential solution for high throughput qualitative and quantitative proteomics analysis. In fact, it makes possible to obtain high throughout (in some cases more than one sample per minutes). The analytical pipeline is shown in figure 1

Figure 1:


– Step 1:
selective and automatizable protein extraction should be used by means of standardized kit so to reduce the extraction variability and the in source matrix effects.

– Step 2: Ion mobility mass spectrometric qualitative and quantitative approach can be used to analyze the sample. Some interesting ion mobility technologies for industrial use are FAIMS and CIMS. The former is well suited to analyze a specific molecules per analysis while the latter is particularly suited to analyze a class of molecules per analysis on the basis of molecular weight range selection.

– Step 3: An automated data elaboration tool should be used for processing a wide sample number.

Actually different proteomics applications for the proposed pipeline are under development and will be presented to the market in the next months. We will keep you updated.

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