Metabolomics analysis strategy

Metabolomics can be applied to different applications (biomarker discovery, food composition studies etc). However,  it is actually, difficult to obtain inter laboratory standardized results.
In our opinion a well estabilites strategy should be proposed to increase the standardization and the quality of the metabolomics approach. The pipeline shown in Figure 1 can lead to obtain the requested information in high standardized and stable conditions.
Figure 1 Strategy for metabolomics  data processing.

Thus a high efficient metabolomics strategy can be structured as follow:

A) The steps 1-3 are fully automated and are related to the data acquisition, extraction and normalization. Ideally these steps should be not dependent by the operator. This fact makes possible to achieve a standardized and reproducible data format that contains both qualitative and quantitative samples molecular profile informations.
B) The steps 4-5 are user dependent. In fact each user can sort the information, apply query on them depending by the needs. 

Different groups have tried to produce a approaches that makes possible to extract informations from metabolomics data but actually, no defined reference point is present. Some promising tools have been proposed for metabolomics data elaboration like metlin or mzMINE. However, a more complete platform is necessary to extract stable and reproducible data to be analized.

Concerning the user personalized steps (4 and 5), they leads to produce personalized app to solve costumers needs (e.g.: personalized medicine app).
We thinks that in the near future a strong evolution in metabolomics will follow the disclosed stategy to produce a complete reference platform.

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